General Mills Frute Brute Buddy Collectible Pin by Retro-a-Go-Go

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Introducing the all new General Mills monster cereal characters in vintage-inspired nifty novelties by Retro-a-Go-Go!
Just like the cereals themselves, these colorful and delicious Retro-a-Go-Go! Goodies will disappear! Scoop yours up today and collect'em all!

We need to be fruitily honest with you, he's a brute but he sure is cute! Get your paws on our nifty novelties featuring frute brute, our friend with fangs!

Each highly detailed, durable metal pin features vibrant colored enamel. Measures approximately 1.25" high and 1" wide with an easy open, easy close, metal secure back fastener. Fun matching monster cereal collector's edition box and measures just over 2.5" high and 1.75" wide.